Alarabia Agricultural



One of the most important equipment is the agricultural tractors with its different sizes which meet the Yemeni farmer needs in Yemen different land relief


rnAs Al-Arabia Group also supplies agricultural tillers that are used in a traditional tilling purposes and different important usage as well. Where the farmers prefer using it instead of the oldest plow (Ox, Camel & Donkey).

Galvanized Steel Pipes

rnWe provide steel galvanized pipes which are used in pumping wells water & different purposes. As such, we provide all its belongings & accessories that are specially used for the purposes of steel galvanized pipes.rn


We provide shafts which are used in pumping wells water & different purposes.

uPVC Pipes

rnAl-Arabia Aqualife column pipes are manufactured with the (uPVC) for healthy use. It distinguished by its high strength & durability, furthermore, its guaranteed quality& performance with 25 years life span at least. It used in surface & deep wells which reach to 350M underground. Easy installation free maintenance, reasonable costs & guaranteed performance

Vertical Mills

Vertical Grains Mills


Sprayers for Agricultural

Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Agricultural